pirate poem

Ahoy Maties!

When love first whistled its way o’er my yardarm
I didn’t shiver me timbers
or fall overboard.

I found a port
                         in a storm
                                           in a teacup.

And for love of jolly rogering
I waved goodbye to my wooden ship
and the endless sky it sailed upon.
And I dropped my anchor here,

in a salty tear
                        in a pirate’s eye.

Juke of Flow

eagles are awesome

Another minor classic from a decade or so ago.

The Official Account:

“The IYI crew visited Alton, Illinois to interview Brett Stawar of the Alton Tourism Bureau.Alejandro Cruz, the videographer, had technical difficulties with his wireless mic set, and couldn’t capture any of Aileesha Breedlove’s interview questions. This is what we did to salvage the segment.Ryan Wiggins wrote approximately 90% of the lyrics based on rough edits, and performed the resulting vocal arrangement.”

The Unofficial Account:

“Yeah, right!”

storm surge


from a work in progress: “process, not a journey” (26)

yet I suppose it could be worse

the tidal pull and push

leaves me stranded

among the dune’s desolation

or drowning beneath the wave’s

cold pulse

so I take my meds

for ten years each morning

without fail I perform my Eucharist

without wine or blood or flesh

just chemicals I’m told will save me

from the rising tide

(February 12, 2020)

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