“Chinese people in the UK say they are facing increasing levels of racist abuse – and some have had “coronavirus” shouted at them in the street.

One Chinese community group in Birmingham received a Facebook message that said: “The disgusting, barbaric animal cruelty you people do – you all deserve to get the virus.”

Chinese students in Cardiff have told Sky News they have faced abuse while walking to their lectures.”

Sky News

The UK was never the shining beacon of racial tolerance that some would have you believe but in recent years the rise of nationalism has helped embolden our otherwise cowardly racists.

We can all understand people’s concern about the coronavirus virus outbreak but to use it as an excuse for racial abuse is totally unacceptable.

The supposedly intelligent students of Cardiff who indulge in such racism should be doubly ashamed, except of course that shame is not a component of the racist mindset.

The majority of Britons are not racist, we are sorry that some of us are.

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